Prepone Sole Proprietor & Team Leader: Karen Louise Boothe—B.A., B.S. M.A. & Policy Fellow @ Humphrey Inst. Center for the Study of Policy & Governance, Univ. of MN.
Boothe has worked more than 20 years as a journalist—10 at Minnesota Public Radio
as the Sr. Political Reporter and founding producer of a daily international news program—as well as 
a journalist who filed for the BBC, CBC, NPR radio as well as written for various publications.
                                                                               She has more than 10 years as a consultant on public
                                                                               information campaigns, communications,
                                                                               media relations, constituent outreach services,
                                                                               civic-engagement strategies, trainings and
                                                                               advocacy initiatives, journalist trainings,
                                                                               radio consulting and more. 
                                                                                Her work and personal travel has taken her to more than 50                   
                                                                                countries including projects funded by; USAID, DFID, Millennium         
                                                                                Challenge Corporation, European Commission and a number of other    
                                                                                implementing organizations and non-profit organizations. She holds a
                                                                                B.S. in Journalism, M.A. in Middle East Liberal Studies and
 International Affairs and was a Public Policy Fellow at the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. She also has taken certificate coursework in Project Management and Leadership at the U of MN and has won numerous awards for her PR work and journalism reporting. You can view her profile also posted on
Prepone Co-Partner/Independent Consultant, Bharati Acharya—B.A. M.A. LPCC. CEAP, International Diplomat/Narrative Therapy Dulwich Centre, Australia
Acharya has worked as a counselor in a number of settings working with a diverse client base facing crisis situations. She also worked on a University of Minnesota Public Education Project to combat lead paint poisoning in the Minneapolis Metro area. She holds a M.A. in Counseling/Psychology from the University of St. Thomas and is a Licensed Professional Counselor [LPC] in Minnesota.  She is also  skilled in other therapeutic processes for persons suffering post-trauma symptoms as well as additional training in the International Diplomat
program at the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide, Australia in “Narrative Therapy.” Her work is useful in the field of civic engagement as she can facilitate community/group workshops to help communities envision their future through participatory development planning, Behavior Change Communications and psycho-social change etc. Her leadership in community-building dialogue between and among NGOs and civic leaders is essential in efforts to achieve common ground on project planning and implementation. She has taught many workshops for some of the state's largest companies on issues of, Supervisor Skills Training, Diversity Training, Stress Management and other Work/Life Balance issues.  Her work helps to: relieve stress, heal individuals, workplaces, groups and communities.
Independent Consultants: We accomplish a lot. But sometimes we need to pull in other expertise too. We maintain a growing list of accomplished independent consultants who work on behalf of Prepone Consulting LLC as needed on projects. Their expertise is in media relations, monitoring and evaluation, human rights/legal rights, gender, youth, community discussion and we even work with talented photojournalists, a filmaker and graphic designers as needed for projects.