Communications & Media Relations:
• Communications and Media Strategies for both internal 
   and external communications. We work with public & private
• Key Message Development
• Plan and Implement Press Conferences/Events and 
• Training on how to work with media and serve as an effective spokesperson
• Help tell the story of your organization by writing success stories for your publications/websites

Civic-Engagement & Advocacy:
• Community Particpatory Commmunications and Project  
• Civic-Engagement Facilitation: Civic+Voice=Solutions
• Community Meetings and Roundtables/planning,
   facilitation and report writing.
• Advocacy Training I & II & III
• How to Mobilize the Grassroots
Strategic Planning & Community Participatory Project Planning and Evaluation
• Community Participatory Project Planning, Management, 
   Implementation and Evaluation
• Strategic Planning (Communications and/or Project)