We have been honored to have had the chance to work for, in both consulting and full-time employment:
European Commission (long term technical expert in outreach/communications Kosovo)
EPOS Health Management Services (Germany) for a Behavior Change Communications Strategy for the government of Mongolia's public heath initiatives in Mongolia
Tetra Tech/ARD (focus groups with NGOs, Community Dialogue, Outreach/Communications Strategy-Liberia and new media projecty strategy, message development as well as CSO trainings on Strategic Communications/Civic Engagement in Guyana pre-elections)
IREX (women's leadership training-Serbia)
Millenium Challenge Corp. project in Moldova (communications, public outreach/media)
ACDI VOCA (media and civic education strategy-Moldova)
Booze|Allen|Hamilton-Lebanon strategic communications/media/outreach project
Minnesota Metropolitan Counsel (Civic Participation, Media, Communications)
Metro Transit (Communications, Civic Participation, Media)
Various non-profits and NGOs in the U.S. and International
Target Corp. (Internal Communications for Law & Gov't Affairs Depts.)
DFID (Elections Monitoring-Sierra Leone)
USAID-funded projects (Civic Engagement, Elections Monitoring)
USAID OTI/IRG-Kyrgyzstan
Millenium Challenge Corp./Millenium IP3
NDI (Civil Society Strengthening, Project Leadership. Elections Monitoring, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Cambodia, Sierra Leone)
Freedom House (NGO Strategic Planning, Public Information Campaign, Kasakhstan)
City of Minneapolis (Communications)
Minnesota Democratic Party (Communications)
Various political campaigns (Key Message Development)
Various U.S. Corporations (supervisor skills training, stress managment, diversity etc.)
DAI/Dts (Communications, Public Outreach, Moldova)
Minnesota Lead Project (Public Information/Outreach/Education)
RHI/Blue Cross-Blue Shield (Public Information Campaign-Social-Marketing)
And more....